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 Notes from the overground...

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 Wed 25 Apr 2012, 2:36 pm
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 Post Subject: Notes from the overground...

Notes from the overground...

We've got a cracker from everyones 'favourite' cheery old fella...'8 Guaranteed Reasons Y U Will B Dead Soon!', going down as well as to be expected, our very own rodin the jew providing a much need counterpoint...Smile
Seriously this man is a ghoul, I've learned just to laugh at him...

People not tiring of signing off yet...Respectfully *insert username here*

'Hitler watch' turns up 'Hitler saved Western Europe from Soviet invasion' from the waster king himself, to fill that apparently cavernous Hitler gap that the overground seems to suffer from...What's the obsession with Hitler all about anyway? Maybe he wasn't quite the cunt they've made him out to be. So what? And this helps us how?

The blatant and unabashed racism thread this week is the highly leading premise of 'Why is Africa so Barbaric ?' by Bill Hick's (much) shitter twin...The 'realists' are having a field day in there...Less said about this the better, the kind of thread that really shouldn't be allowed.

On a brighter note we have Lady Gaga examining the eternal question of why cats like boxes...A nice thread among the mire...Smile

I hate Sebastian Coe.
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 Wed 25 Apr 2012, 4:47 pm
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 Post Subject: Re: Notes from the overground...

Lmfao well summed up - gonzo and hadaka are doing a stand up job for the aryan nation - what is so depressing is the number of people who are lapping it up.

I remember mods once saying ignore them and don't respond and the threads will sink - well now that those challenging the rubbish are either here or afk they are on the increase....

The cat pics were cute - but seemed somewhat weird juxtaposed as they are against so much hateful stuff.

new posts reads like...

Hitler rocks
Hitler really rocks
Christianity rocks
Christianity is shite
Muslims rape people
Jews run the world
Hitler rocks
Africa is barbaric
Hitler rocks
can i haz cheezburguh
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Notes from the overground...

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